Learn to prioritize

Isn’t it marvelous that you don’t remember what happened before you were born? That you might forget all about this trip that we call life when you die?

We all get approximately 70 years, give or take. This can sound like hippie bullshit, but it is true. When you start to live your life as if today truly matters you will see that today truly matters.

Learn to listen to your intuition¹. Trust your feelings. Trust that you know what is right for you. Close your eyes and listen.

Understand that you do not know what is right for anyone else, they have to find their own way. Don’t force your beliefs on others.

Don’t let others force their beliefs on you.

Practice your ability to say no to things that takes time and energy without making you happier. Learn to prioritize between all of your resources; Family, friends, attention, time and money.

Remember that family and friends should come first.

Money is not your most important resource even though it might seem otherwise. Commercials are propaganda, only named differently².

Trust that you know what makes you happy. Trust that you can do anything you put your mind to. Remember that life is short and start living as if life actually is short. What you do today matters.

It is not only your life that is short; friends and family should come first.


(1) The movie InnSaei on Netflix inspired me to think about how going out walking helps to relieve stress and infuse ideas. The movie started of really slow and overall was not great, but inspiring so might watch again for inspiration.

(2) Caitlin Johnstone is a political writer. This article by her inspired me to think about commercials as propaganda.

Originally published at www.tomorrowisastory.com on August 29, 2017.