Great lecture note on QFT

I am currently taking 8.323:Relativistic Quantum Field Theory I at MIT. The lectures basically follows a lecture note written by Sidney Coleman, which can be downloaded from arXiv, thanks to his students who took the labor to type it in LaTeX.

This is remarkably concise and self-contained lecture note for novices of this subject. If you are considering learning QFT, I recommend you taking a look at this book, before jumping to other enormous textbooks such as Peskin and Shroeder. This lecture will tell you if you have enough background to study the material, (which is, incidentally, surprisingly small! You need to have learnt quantum mechanics up to time-dependent perturbation and scattering, but that is all. No mathematical sophistication is needed to do the calculations in QFT. Of course, it would be a whole different story if you would like to learn from more theory oriented books such as Weinberg…)

Despite my initial suspicion that I might drop the class, I have been doing quite well in the class, and that is largely owing to this lecture note. I am fascinated to see Feynman diagrams being developed from know principles. I can’t wait to study application of Feynman diagrams to many-body problems. Maybe, maybe, I can start reading the StatMech texbtook written by Feynman himself.