Hello, I am Tomo Soe, better know as Tomo to most of my real-world friends. At this moment (03/30/2015) I am an international college student in the U.S., doing double major in chemistry and physics. In this blog, I would like to write about my daily reflection on science, as well as other topics of my interest.

Just to give you a grasp of what kind of topics I will talk about, here is a list of things that I am currently interested in, in no particular order. Note that I have only studied two~three of these topics extensively to the extent I can say something non-trivial about it.

Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics. Specifically, how decoherence might explaing apparent collapse of wavefunction.

Mathematical structure of Quantum Mechanics. What kind of algebra is appropriate to describe it?

Statistical mechanics in general. Non-equilibrium phenomena and biophysics also fall into this category. Jarzynski equality and Fluctuation theorem are goals of my study. Moreover, connection between statistical mechanics and information theory is an interesting field of study.

Theory of magnetism, specifically in a frustrated system. Behavior of quantum spin chain is an old but yet understood field of condensed matter theory. I would like tackle the problem both experimentally and theoretically.

Exotic behavior in solid. Topological insulators. Etc. Application of differential geometry to condensed matter physics.

Field theory for standard model and condensed matter physics. How we can use vacuum amplitude for energy calculation.

Metal-Organic Frameworks. Seeing is believing. You should look up what these amazing compounds are, and you will agree with me that thsi is the BEST material to study right now.

Self-assembly in nature. From cells to Metal-Organic Frameworks.

Origin of life, for one thing, as a question of chemical process that generates macroscopic amount of self-generating compounds, and for the other, about its thermodynamic implications.

Network behavior. I have once thought that large network is essential to any behavior we see in nature. I would like to understand how we can analyze network behavior of the system.

Quantum computing. Both from experimental and theoretical point of view.

Acting:What is a good actor?

Drama:From Aristotle’s theory of dramatic structure to contemporary dramas

Theory of justice:The veil of ignorance and beyond?

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