I Will Never Lie to You
Dana Perino

I find it extraordinary that after all this time the Republicans have still not got the message that they do not represent the ordinary people. Anything that even looks like a policy to support the “lower” class will be crushed by the Republicans, as it means they may have to dig into their wealthy patrons funds to support people who mainly are in strife due to their policies. How many of the wealthiest top ten percent actually belong to the Democratic party, and if they are, I bet they are more benevolent to the less well off. The USA is seen in other countries as being run by the corporate donors with policy made on their behalf. Money buys patronage, whoever said anyone could be President part of “The American Dream”has never lived in the real world and has from early life learnt that “greed is good”. Positions of power are there for one purpose only, to enrich the already wealthy.

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