25 Coffees with 25 Designers (in 25 Days)


My name is Liz and I’m the founder of Tomorrow and Today. I’m also a designer working in technology.

Recently I’ve joined Jenny Judova of Art Map on her quest to meet with 20 artists in 20 days ahead of redeveloping the website. Following the success of that challenge, I’m launching a new challenge for Tomorrow and Today as a complement to that research.

I’d like to invite 25 designers for 25 coffees in 25 days, to talk about your work, process and what you would find valuable in a new platform for artists and designers. (The number 25 being significant as the number of design disciplines we can count.)

We can meet in person anywhere in London (your favourite coffee shop perhaps?). We can also Skype (but then it’s hard to buy you a coffee :D).

Contact us on hey[at]tomorrowand.today to schedule a chat.

Btw, this is our first post on Medium. Yay! If you’d like to know more about Tomorrow and Today, please check out our site at tomorrowand.today. We launched in November with a weekly newsletter of 5 handpicked art and design events around London.

And if you’re a Twitter person I’m @zipboing.