Is Israel Pushing the US Into a Global War?

Whenever the Syrian conflict spirals to the point at which it becomes reasonable to start worrying about WWIII, my mind wanders to Sidney “The Snake” Blumenthal, unofficial adviser and confidant of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. President Obama loathed him and, as a condition of Clinton’s appointment, forbade her from employing him in any capacity. Nevertheless she continued to rely heavily on Blumenthal’s advice throughout her tenure at State. Expounding in an email to Clinton on the necessity of ousting Syrian president Bashar al Assad and imposing regime change, Blumenthal commented that this would be the best possible outcome for Israel, since it would remove the risk of a Syrian-Iranian alliance. Such an alliance, according to Blumenthal, poses a direct threat to Israel’s current dominance as the Mideast’s sole nuclear power.

Sent on December 31, 2012 — two and a half years before Obama cut a deal with Iran to stop building nuclear weapons. This email is a good example of how eager many DC power brokers have long been with giving Israel whatever it wants, seemingly without regard for for morality, legality, or the minor matter of world peace. They have consistently treated Israel much like an indulgent parent spoils a child. Spoiled children are typically irresponsible, disrespectful, defiant, demanding and bad at relationships. At their worst they can be emotional vampires, all take no give. These are attributes which describe successive governments of Israel quite well.

Wikileaks’ publication of many of Sid The Snake’s emails to Clinton has shed considerable light on the unlikely alliance of Israel and Saudi Arabia, two former sworn enemies which have now become as thick as thieves, bound together by their shared hatred of Iran. It seems that Israeli and Saudi leaders are having renewed wet dreams about removing Assad from power. Syria is just so deliciously located for power mongering and money making, it’s just absolutely irresistible. And now we find out that Israel just launched a missile attack from Lebanese air space, raining down cruise missiles on a Syrian air base. Not coincidentally, this occurred within 24 hours of Syria being accused of using barbaric, internationally outlawed chemical weapons to kill unarmed civilians.

But ask yourself this: what possible tactical advantage could the Syrian leader have gained by authorizing this slaughter of innocents? All it accomplished was to give those countries that have been spoiling for a fight and looking for a pretext, however slender, to attack Syria and thereby ignite a possible global war.

This heinous gas attack had a few other juicy perks attached to it for those craving war with Syria. Not only did it take the spotlight off Israel’s missile attack on Syria but it also brought Trump’s proposed withdrawal of US troops from Syria to an abrupt halt. The assurance of an impending withdrawal of US troops, coupled with the fact that Assad was already very close to winning this war, makes it even more improbable that he would choose this moment to unleash a devastating chemical weapon attack upon his own people. On the other hand, if you are those Israeli, Saudi, and American warmongers lusting after control of Syria, the latest gassing of innocent Syrian civilians could play a game changing role in getting what they want.

In other words, in the space of a single day we have here so many strange and inexplicable coincidences with such profound global ramifications that it just takes your breath away, especially if you are among those who have long been hungering for outright war with Syria.

Next dot to connect: One of the things Mossad is expert at is collecting blackmail material on as many US politicians as possible. They quite obviously also do this to manipulate other nations friendly to Israel as well. As the old saying goes, with friends like this who the fuck needs enemies? My main point is that Israel, hand in glove with its new best bud Saudi Arabia, seems very much to be the tail wagging the US dog when it comes to Syria and the unleashing of an unstoppable nuclear Armageddon.

Oh yeah — here’s yet another crazy coincidence. Isn’t Israel’s PM currently facing investigations that have him squarely in line to go to jail for corruption? Of course with everyone’s attention suddenly turning to the very real possibility of WWIII no one has time for petty stuff like corruption even though Netanyahu and his scheming cohorts are the ones most directly responsible for igniting such a global catastrophe. When FDR and Churchill were carving up the Mideast post WWII and laying the groundwork for the creation of the State of Israel, do you think for one moment that this is the disastrous outcome they had in mind?

One last thing: if a global conflict does in fact erupt, it is entirely possible that Vladimir Putin, who seems like a guy who really gets into the whole revenge thing, just might be more than a little pissed off at Israel for greasing the wheels of WWIII? If so, he will surely make bombing the living daylights out of the State of Israel an urgent priority. Israel’s leaders and power brokers no doubt have some nice cozy bunkers to ride out the WWIII storm. However, the good common folk of Israel would be paying the ultimate price for their leaders’ insatiable lust for power and wealth. So perhaps now is the perfect time to urge the citizenry of Israel to do their utmost to rid themselves of leaders who are covering their own asses whilst leaving the vast majority of Israelis vulnerable and exposed. Now if only the good citizens of the US would do the same thing then global peace and prosperity would not be the fading, unreachable dream that it sadly is today.

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