11 Unspoken Guidelines to Win Friends & Influence Investors in Silicon Valley
Tristan Pollock

the first time i read this type of technical networking , i wanted nothing to do with it. i want to design the parts , figure out the out put bits of the SRAM and its address logic so i can have a ROM made , i want to figure out how it works , and why it didn’t work . now i understand that the only way to do the beautiful engineering work for 2 hours a day , is to burn 20 years of my life in the paper work , talking to people , and the email B — — t of talking to people who made their money in real estate roll overs , vulture bankers that only have preditory instincts as a skill set , and progressive liberal political parasites who own the market place … and bleed the people who are creative , think , and know reality . everything the author said was true , but for the nerd , be warned , the game is being played against you … what they do to others , they will do to you . no exceptions .

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