Want to Become the Best at What You Do? Read This.
Benjamin P. Hardy

this is all great… and frankly true in some cases …. ah , but there is that other group …. people who are specialists , who are part of a team . in tactic’s… the warrior knows what the weapon will not do , the limits of your skill , and all the ways to prevent defeat. the team is made up of specialists , the owl doesn’t swim deep , the whale can not run swiftly, and the deer can not fly silently at night… alone the team is helpless , together they can do remarkable things. groups are made up of teams , order is the root word of organizations , it means you act with out thought , you follow your order with out thinking , your skill delivers a known out come perfectly .communication is command …. you change organization by changing the order with communication . the key to success for those with a narrow and highly developed skill set that is remarkable and unique … is to know where in the classical tactical structure your unique ablity places you… and seek it out . know your place to stand , and stand there . the greater the value you add , the greater your value .

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