have cream; boy, do I have cream; it’s so good my cream; it’s the best cream; I have the best cream; nobody has cream like I do.

I recently went to the home of some people, beautiful people, the daughter was gorgeous like a model; you know in a year or two I could be dating her!

But anyway, I went to this house — the son had died in a mission I sent him on, well really it was my generals who sent him — unfortunately it was on the OTHER side of the mountain than everyone thought — than the generals thought — which reminded me of a song I knew so I sang a verse to cheer everyone up: “The bear went over the mountain; the bear went over the mountain. The bear went over the mountain…to see what he could see.”

Isn’t that nice? And I think everyone was a little happier when I was done.

So anyway not wanting to offend me, which I always appreciate, the mother says, “I’ll go make coffee,” and I say wait! I have some very excellent cream in the limo, great cream, such amazing cream you’ll be calling the white house every day just to get some more of this amazing cream of mine and I had one of the secret service guys go to the car and get the cream.

And the moral of the story is that we all had amazing coffee with the best cream you’ve ever tasted or will ever taste anywhere in the Universe, and my chef serves it at Mar-a-Lago so I had him give the recipe which he won’t even tell ME because it’s such a secret, to the head chef at the white house. In washington. And everyone in that house I visited that day had a spectacular time, and it was great. Really really great.

All because of Donald J. Trump.

The President.

The most Presidential President.


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