Thank you
Hillary Clinton

Why did you have to throw God in there? What does God have to do with it? If you’re paying homage to God, if God is in charge, then God is why you didn’t win the election. It looks completely ridiculous when losing politicians (or for that matter anyone who loses anything that is going to make a huge impact on bazillions of people…but now that I think about it, that’s probably only politicians after all) give thanks to God. I can see the person who won doing that, although I still believe that it’s patently ludicrous, but when you lose? Maybe then you should thank Jesus for carrying you, like in the “Footprints” bookmarker. I don’t know. I’m not a religious person, and doubly not Christian (and I’m very afraid of the cabinet Icky Trump — did you buy that shirt? Excellent shirt — is putting together). My personal preference would be for all gods to be left out of politics absolutely, to have Freedom From Religion as our founding fathers wanted us to have, which has somehow been bastardized into freedom OF religion, which is very different and means, I suppose the, that as a world leader you’d better pick one and it’s best if you pick a version of the one the masses are practicing.

But Mrs. Clinton, I truly believe that if you had REALLY believed in your god, and followed the principles of your religion, you might have won the election. It would also have made you in tune with real Americans in a way that was impossible when you had so much and continued to acquire more by doing things like that speech at goldman-sachs. $250,000 (or so) is a LOT of money to most Americans, and you got paid that to add to your already substantial fortune because “that’s what they offered.” That did not demonstrate Christianity, nor did it show a desire to bond with real Americans. What would God have wanted you to do with that and most of the rest of your money? What would Jesus have done with it without even pausing to breathe? To understand Americans, REAL Americans, you have to give. My advice is to gather at least half your assets,including any hidden ones, and give a portion of them to a large number of charities. Dress down and go to different neighborhoods. See with your own eyes what it’s like in the inner cities, especially the schools. Everywhere you go, talk to people. Keep an open mind and listen to their ideas. Stay out of the social scene and become part of “Real America.” You don’t have to prove anything. You don’t have to have the most money. Your god orders us to be humble, and Jesus was never rich in his life. Yet people followed him, and since he died he has been worshipped, not merely for being the “son of God” (which, remember, he said we all are), but for his teachings, which were to love and help one another.