Dear White Editors, Stop Publishing Pieces That Make You Look Even Whiter Than You Already Are
Ezinne Ukoha

Y’all better start stepping the fuck up then.

You want us to stop doing things in your name? What happened to #BLM? And if you tell me it “went underground cuz it didn’t want any assistance from white people” I will go Full Shane.

Because it’s such bullshit. EVERYONE needs to know that black lives matter-black, white, purple-because in the past 500 years or so (since you-all started tribally feuding and selling each other to white people as slaves), NOBODY has thought so, except for a few people.

Where is Frederick Douglass when you need him, huh? Seriously.

It’s not enough that we had a mixed President, or that you can sit on stools at diner countertops now, go to the movies with white people, use our pools, our drinking fountains. Not enough that some black people are in higher jobs than white people at the same company. No public place in America is closed to you, and yet it hasn’t changed enough.

And you can’t just sit by waiting for the next hero willing to breathe life into your movement, to motivate you, to be willing to take a bullet for your cause. Beyonce can’t; she’s pregnant. With twins. But it seems like you’re already getting shot enough; why let the odd men (or boys) take all of the bullets? Be strong, and stand together (but not in Chicago or Dallas) and let your voices be heard; sing like Dr. King would sing as you head …where? I’m not sure. To someplace that can change things. To someone who will listen and fight alongside you.

There are more things I’d like to say but I won’t because it would seem like I was just repeating old stereotypes. Even though I know WHY those stereotypes started, and I don’t think they were your fault, I’d be called racist. And I’ve been called a communist pig twice this week by people who had obviously never read Marx and actually thought the USSR was a communist nation (they also obviously didn’t know the acronym).

Get together and make a really good plan. I will fight with you. Many, many people will fight with you. We can even fight peacefully. And as for the acronym, what do you think of #Black#Like#Me? Sorry: baby steps, baby steps. But white people’s exposure to black culture shouldn’t just be gangsta rap and “Orange Is the New Black.” Ignore the haters, or if you can, educate and convert them. But let’s at least stop this bullshit of black people being treated as less than white. It’s been too long. And that article WAS bad.

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