It has been a long time since our subscribers received an update on our endeavors but we’ll make a few announcements that will be worth the wait!

You might have seen Lisk Discovery, our Lisk ecosystem discovery platform, transform in and some subtle changes in logos on Twitter or Discord. Those changes fit into a larger endeavor that was planned for a long time and can finally be talked about!

Let us start by introducing a small name change: Endro 🎉

Endro will form a larger umbrella for a more professional approach towards our endeavors in the blockchain ecosystem…

Projects in the Lisk ecosystem were always at the core of Lisk Discovery. Countless iterations were completed to the point where one distinct characteristic of a project came to light. On the one hand we find the decentralized application (sidechain). The application can have a team, network and most importantly a set of delegates that will validate their transactions.

A second type of project is what we labelled a tool. An application that supports the needs of our community and will help other community members. …

Hey everyone, it’s time to introduce some new features on Lisk Discovery! 🎉

The past few weeks, we have looked on how users were exploring projects. One of those behaviors was via the homepage or our dedicated /projects page. We encourage the exploration via these pages but would also want to have a focus on helping the user use our search experience to find projects for their specific needs as soon as possible.

Searching projects was stimulated by introducing Topics search. Getting that project even faster was one of missions that drove the following new developments.

Programming language support

How would a developer…

An analysis on how humanity can provide governance over an automated world

Transportation, agriculture, manufacturing, administration or resource distribution. In the next 20 years, a shift will occur in which these industries will experience an extreme decline in the demand for human interventions. Self-driving transport, warehouse automation, cashier-less grocery stores or 3D printed houses will be accepted as “normal” because we are already building the technology today.

This extremely automated future should be introduced with a rather big warning: Essentially all jobs involving human labor will disappear in the 21st century. Let us try and find possible solutions by analysing the problem.

European stores such as Ikea, Carrefour or Delhaize are known…

Disclaimer: This article is written as one of many contributions of delegate endro. Donations are always welcome but voting for endro would help our community get the exposure we deserve. Do your part in helping Lisk become the number one developers community by voting. Have fun reading!

Photo by Tobias Cornille

The dutch community of Lisk is probably one of the most active communities. Joosty and Meyade recently announced the Lisk Center in Utrecht, frequent meetups, Moosty the decentralized organisation for musicians and we can go on with a lot of other initiatives! …

Today, i am glad to share a huge milestone in the development of Releasing the new functionality marks more than just some extra features.

Brief History

My mission as delegate endro and as a proud community member was always to create tools for the community. In April 2018 i launched a new tool called Lisk Discovery, a news aggregator for Lisk Projects and Sidechains. The tool had a timeline with 74 articles! It is actually not so impressive.. So i knew i could do better.

What if the platform was more than a news aggregator? What if the platform can become…


Arcado Network, Endro Labs

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