When was the last blacksmith born?
Carl Abrams


That’s why I wrote: “Sure, some will study the archaic arts, but it will be an artisanal craft, not a mainstream occupation.”

No one will be forced to use them. They’ll choose to, for selfish reasons — that’s the point of the story.

Yes, some trips exceed battery length, just like they do now tank size. Recharging to 80% takes 20 minutes. Swapping for a full battery takes 45 seconds. 80%+ of auto trips are less than 10 miles. I think people will figure it out.

So you know, the #1 per capita market on the planet for Tesla is Norway. Pretty sure it snows there. A lot.

You seem to be equating the relatively small mining operations for rare earth minerals to, for example, the sprawling open pits of the Alberta tar sands. No comparison on size, scale, impact. And as the oil industry has amply demonstrated, when there is a demand nothing will get in the way of the market.

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