Nothing will replace the rumble of my V8 Mustang in the morning or the growl of my Ducati when I…
Fabian Thierry


Yes, you are most welcome to keep doing just that, if it works for you.

In LA and elsewhere, as of this year we now have more electricity than can be used during peak sunlight hours, and it’s being dumped to other states. AEVs will become mobile storage, loading up when it’s plentiful and cheap, selling when it’s not.

AEVs will have minimal impact on the grid, therefore, since their charging can actually be driven by real time market factors to enhance and support reliability and stability.

I really have no idea what landscape pollution you are referring to-we could power the entire US with just a tiny fraction of our land, much of which is both ideally suited to solar production and far out of the way/not useful for much else:

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