Great read.
Jack Molyneaux

Hi Jack, thanks for your feedback.

1-Patterns will remain the same, but A-EVs can move more people faster due to improved flow — even just 5% AEV can improve flow 40%!

2-Housing patterns may well change. We shall see.

3- People won’t own these vehicles. That’s the thing to focus on. You’ll call it when you want it, otherwise it will be out there being used. On my block, for example, there are five kids that all attend the same elementary school, and every day about five cars get loaded up and drive that same one mile route. Imagine if instead an A_EV came down the street and we securely loaded them in, and could watch on video in real time until they got out at school. That’s an 80% reduction just on this block. Same will happen with commuting; people will share because it’s faster and cheaper. And of course if they don’t want to, they don’t have to.

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