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It sounds like your argument has three parts:

1-The US will become a narcostate-like dystopia where police will fake crimes to steal a truckload of TVs and Washing Machines

2-These trucks won’t go far anyway without needing diesel, due to low efficiency of the vehicles

3-it costs more to automate than would be saved.

To which I would reply:

1- This assumes the truck wouldn’t come built in with hi-definition, full time, surround presence video and audio ( which it will, as part of the sensor package ), and any such action would happen about once before federal law enforcement landed like a hammer. This isn’t El Salvador, that could not happen on any meaningful frequency.

2-They won’t use diesel, they will use electricity, and will use both automation for exceptional efficiency ( like the startup Peleton is demonstrating with their automated convoys ), and will use drive on/drive off replace/recharge batteries, reducing stoppage to just a few minutes at most.

3-the cost for basic automation today is only $30,000 ( one time charge), and will exponentially drop as it becomes a basic design element instead of an add on.

Most importantly, of course, is that unlike human drivers robots don’t sleep, so rigs won’t be idle 11 hours per day.

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