Except that electric cars are not cheaper, have poor range, and aren’t cheaper to operate.
Jacques Shellac


The Tesla Model 3 is lower cost than any vehicle in its class:

AEVs are provably cheaper to operate, as referenced in the links in the story.

Please explain how and why poor people would be forced into EVs but the rich would be able to choose ( and would choose ) ICEs.

If you think an AEV is like a bus, then you don’t understand how they work: you get in, you say where you want to go, you go there, you get out. How is that like a city bus?

Current 300 mile range exceeds by 30X the average trip by car.

If you want to continue to operate a more expensive, polluting vehicle that requires you to spend a fortune on upkeep AND requires your constant attention to operate, you will be free to do so.

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