Plenty of comments so I’ll try my best to supplement instead of repeat

Many thoughts here, I’ll try to address them in turn.

1–81% of americans live in urban environments, and that will only increase. That’s the logical first market. Rural areas will come later, but can be served by AEVs soon and will thus increase mobility due to low operating costs.

2- I don’t think auto mechanics will cease to exist, and more than horse wranglers have gone out of existence. I just think their numbers will become statistically non-relevant to the broader economy.

3-Buying cars already doesn’t make sense. If you can hail one and get to work for say $5 each way, then is $300 a month for that less or more than current car payment/gas purchase/insurance/registrations/repairs?

I think the challenges in rural areas will be deeper — you may be interested in my other two articles in the series:

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