This article reminds me of those articles in Popular Mechanics in the 1950s predicting that in…
Rick Fischer

Rick, thanks for your thoughts, but it seems you are not up to date on your information.

1- A-EV semi trucks ALREADY EXIST. Here’s the A part:

And here’s the EV part:

2- The overwhelming majority of truck trips are less than 300 miles. For long haul, fast recharging and or battery swapping will still be better than human drivers, since A-EVs don’t have mandatory downtime.

3-I’m surprised you would try to draw a comparison between the flammability of diesel and gas — which are designed to burn — and lithium ion batteries, which are rigorously designed not to.

3- You seem not to understand much about how widely solar and wind are already in use, nor how efficient, nor how much cheaper they are today to install and operate compared to gas/coal, nor just how little land would be required to meet the US power needs from the. Perhaps start here:

4- A-EVs are already demonstrably, provably safer to use. There will certainly be accidents. The number will also certainly be lower than it is today. Which seems to be worth noting.

5-The reason I wrote this piece and the two that goes with it

is the deep and abiding concern I have for the people and communities of our country that will be impacted by these unplanned, tectonic, rapid shifts. Waiting to act, as we waited to act on climate change, will only make things worse in the end. We need to get ahead of this curve to the best of our ability, as quickly as possible.

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