I’ll just note two things — 1) away from urban centers, Americans treat the car they drive as part…
Sandra Bryant

Sandra, thanks for your thoughts. Regarding your points:

1-if someone wants to pay more for something that costs more to operate, is a bigger hassle to use, and is less practical ( ie: a boosted pickup truck) then they should go right along doing so. Many people have better uses for their money, and better ways to express their individuality.

2-Regarding privacy and autonomy, I’m not sure how you can get more private than in a passenger car going exactly where you want and when, the key difference being you don’t have to spend your time driving and can instead do whatever private activities you would like. Understand-these cars already exist. This use is already happening, as is the tracking. Ever been in a car with the OnStar system? That’s exactly what it’s doing.

3-Yes, there are some people who like to drive. I like it too, sometimes, but for example my day long drive yesterday back from Reno? I would just as soon have napped and woken up home and avoided the hours of stop and go traffic.

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