Thanks for your feedback. In response:

1- You should look at the product line Audi and Porsche are making and reflect on that. Porsche for example has already committed to making at least 50% EVs by 2019 and with good reason — several hundred thousand dollar ICEs by companies like Lamborghini are getting their ass handed to them in races with the Tesla Model X “mom mobile” SUV.

You are also assuming that is why people buy cars. That’s what the manufacturers want you to believe, so that then can then differentiate between other makers. I think most people buy them to get them and their stuff from A to B, and the rest is just narrative. I also think the “value differentiation of these storied maklers” is about to walk off a cliff, personally.

2- All that magnificent energy comes from the sun, which is already, today, cheaper than coal and natural gas. And once built, it doesn't need to be fed or filled, it just works. And it will take a shockingly small amount of space:

Imagine if every rooftop, commercial or private, could be turned from empty space to revenue stream — we wouldn’t even have to plow up one single acre

3-If the current use of oil drops from 100M BBD to 70M MBD, then yes, those industries will collapse. We will still use oil of course, but those industries will be hollow shells. And all the downstream businesses will be hammered/gone as well.

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