Very confusing for Africa, Tom Price .
Timothy Njeru

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I have spent a lot of time in Africa working on renewable energy projects, and think this is a very important part of the overall story.

Yes, like used clothing and cellphones are now, unused tech will probably make it’s way to places like Africa. BUT — because so much will be available so cheap, there will be even less reason to make new parts. Like in Cuba, old cars can run for decades if there are enough parts and enough creativity — and if Africa has anything in abundance its creativity.

But the costs for operation of EVs will still be very low, esp. in areas with a lot of sun ( Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, etc ).

If a buyer in Nairobi has $30,000 for a new car, would they buy one that costs more, or less to operate? I think they will choose less.

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