1- electric cars are cheaper to recharge, but when it comes to change its batteries, they become…

Thanks for your feedback, but you seem to have missed my points:

1-this won’t be forced, and govts are forcing sharing — the market is driving it.

2-re: the five minute refuel; I think you must not be familiar with battery swapping, which takes about 45 seconds. Also if the vehicle is shared then the down time of charging/swapping isn’t time you the user are spending, so you won’t notice it.

3-People are “happy” with the current model because it is what exists; the adoption/use curve of milennials in urban areas speaks to what people choose when they have a choice.

4-Freedom of travel is no different in an A-eV, except you don’t have to own it, park it, or maintain it, so arguably you have more not less freedom.

5-Yes, usage per vehicle will go WAY up. But since an A-EV has a much longer lifespan with lower costs, and since it has so few parts to wear out/replace, fewer will be needed overall.

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