Going ‘all in’

Tom Quay
Tom Quay
Sep 16, 2019 · 2 min read
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From today, Base has become Passenger.

We’re the same team, but with one very big difference. We’re now 100% focused on building digital technology in public transport.

Since 2008, Base has made it easy for any company to outsource their digital marketing, website and app development. We’ve worked with a wide variety of companies in lots of different sectors over the last 11 years and that has given us the chance to work out what really gets us out of bed every day.

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We now have one of the leading public transport mobile app products in the UK (according to Passenger Transport magazine) and we’re completely focused on helping more people to travel sustainably.

Passenger was born in 2015 when we started out on an ambitious journey to make it easy for people to use public transport. It has taken countless hours from a very smart and dedicated group of people to transform our contract-hour business into the SaaS license-based product company we have today.

It hasn’t been without its challenges either. Self-financing a business transformation forces you to become more creative than you thought possible. But it is these challenges that have made us the tight-knit team we are today. Thoughtful, creative and free to choose the path that’s best for our customers.

Base was a big part of making us who we are, but today we’re calling time on that identity.

Welcome to Passenger.

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