My Single Best Tip for Getting the Results You Want

“Thankfully, persistence is a great substitute for talent.” Steve Martin

Comedian Steve Martin is the owner of two of my favorite quotes. There’s the one above and the one about being so good people can’t ignore you.

I asked the players on my football team if they had a million-dollar dream. The answers varied.

“I want to play in the NFL.”

“I want to get into the Air Force Academy.”

“I want to be a country star.”

“I want to get to college.”

So many people have million-dollar dreams…a dream that means that much to them for their own reasons.

Maybe yours is to get out of debt?

Or build a 10 million dollar business?

Or a strong family?

Where Most Go Wrong

The problem with million-dollar dreams is that you need to have a million-dollar work ethic to go along with it.

This monster work ehtic is born out of a promise to commit. To endure. To get up one more time.

As Steve Martin has said, persistence will sub for your talent level on most days.

Many are talented. Maybe they’re taller, better looking, more experienced?

Maybe they have more resources? Better equipment?

There are countless stories of those who lack much who end up doing the impossible because they persisted.

Water cuts though rock becuase it never relents.

Today, persist.

Today, take one more step.

Today, take it on the chin again and move forward.


Tom Reber

PS-you’re one decision from changing your life

Tom is Host of The Strongpreneur Podcast where he helps contractors build stronger lives & businesses.