The Easiest Way to Become Successful at Anything

“The difference between an amateur and a professional is in their habits. An amateur has amateur habits. A professional has professional habits. We can never free ourselves from habit. But we can replace bad habits with good ones.” Steven Pressfield

We all have habits.

Maybe you wake up and grab your phone to check your email or Facebook?

Maybe you roll out of bed, make a protein shake and hit the gym?

The first habit above is an example of an unintentional habit. That’s where we meander through life without much of a plan and hope for the best.

The second example is an intentional habit. One where a clear outcome has been determined (being healthy) and a clear action has been taken that will get you to that clear outcome.

What do you want?

Take some time to write out all that you want. Get clear on it. One reason our habits suck is that we lack clarity.

Without clarity and strong enough why, we will approach each day without discipline.

Discipline is the foundation of building good habits.

Start Small and Win Big

You need momentum.

You need a series of small wins to build upon. For example, I start my day doing this. I write.

I take a thought, like the quote at the top and I spill my thoughts about it on paper. Then, I share it on my social media outlets. Finally, I shoot a 1 minute Instagram video about the topic.

This takes me 25–35 minutes. My goal is to continue to build my personal brand and establish myself as an expert. These actions help me do that.

I don’t grab my phone first thing. I don’t check email or Facebook.

I get up. Make coffee and sit in the same chair looking out the same window and begin my day with 30 minutes of something intentional.

Imitate Jerry Seinfeld

I read an article by Habits Expert, James Clear.

He shared how Seinfeld made an ‘X’ on a big wall calendar each day he wrote a joke. His goal was to not break the chain of X’s. This caused him to write a ton of jokes and in time he got better.

The rest is history.

Intentionally create a good habit today. Pick something and start. Do it on purpose each day. That’s what winners do.

Top sales people prospect and role play.

Top baseball players hit the batting cages.

Start now. No more excuses. No more unintentional habits. Be a pro.


Tom Reber

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Tom is Host of The Strongpreneur Podcast where he helps contractors build stronger lives & businesses.