Liberal Leaders want Carbon Tax Revenues.
Sky Diver

You just have no idea, do you? Your abject ignorance is an utter embarrassment, and you put it on display for all to see and laugh at you.

How sad.

Who was Arrhenius?

What did he show?

How important a principle is the Greenhouse Effect for our survival?

What are greenhouse gases?

Where – in the States – is the best record of increasing atmospheric CO2 concentration determined?

What does that record, with historic records, show?

What’s the significance of 1850?

How serious are the consequences of small temperature increases considered to be and by what amount have they already increased?

How many international awards and Nobel Prizes are held by those who have, unequivocally, concluded that CO2 emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels?

How many international awards are held by the denier scum – those who should be prosecuted for denying the greatest ever crime against humanity?