Why Content is so Important for Instagram?

As Instagram evolves, so do they methods to grow an engaged and organic following.

There used to be a time when someone could post 2 times a day, use massive hashtags and grow their account to 10,000 followers in a matter of weeks.

Unfortunately, growing an Instagram account isn’t so simple these days. Growing Instagram accounts now requires a lot of work and quite a lot of research. The good news though, is that Instagram is such a powerful platform and your life could in-fact change once you learn how to grow an account on Instagram. I certainly know that mine has.

Over the next few weeks I will breaking down the exact steps that you need to take in order to have massive success with Instagram.

Step number 1. Content.

From the moment Instagram was born, it has always been a platform for people to share beautiful images of their lives with others and to connect in a more visual way. Lately, it has become a fantastic platform to use to grow businesses, but it’s important to remember the foundation of Instagram. That is, beautiful, high quality images.

Did you know that you only have 2–3 seconds to catch someone’s attention on Instagram?

That means you have to have content that stands-out from the millions of other users, fighting for the attention. Your content needs to matter, because nobody gives a f***.

How do you make them care? Well that’s simple. Use high quality content that people want to see.

Here are some tips for finding or creating the right content;

  • Good lighting
  • Non-blurry
  • Flashy
  • Look at what famous people are doing and copy them ;)
  • Find big accounts in your niche and re-post their best performing posts

If you want to get really technical, there’s actually an equation to work out an accounts best performing post…

Go to the account and ADD together the likes from the last 12 posts

Then you want to DIVIDE the total by 12

You then have an average. Any post that has engagement above that average, is a good performing post.



32 divided by 12 = 2.67

This means that any photos that have more than 2.67 likes is a good performing post.

I hope this helps you guys out by finding the best content for you to use on Instagram!

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