Largest Entertainment Project Ever Conceived… Silica neXus

When we say this is the largest entertainment project ever conceived. This isn’t hype. It is not just wind in sails or conjecture. This is the reality we face…

Largest Entertainment Project Ever Conceived — LEPEC — Silica neXus

The team of amazing people that has been pulled together to accomplish this feat of entertainment magic is so profound. Some true-leaders in the entertainment industry have thrown in with our mission to make this dream a reality.

While making notes in my Creative Director journal last night (see attached photo), I was stunned by the implications of what lay ahead of us on this project. Every aspect of this game creates an inevitable real-world opportunity to reach people with services and products that they’re looking for. If I were only interested in making money and helping others make money through a block-chain token-based virtual universe, I would be happy. But I’m not a salesman. I’m a gamer. I have been one since I was very young. And since then — back in the late 70s — while dumping so much money into arcade machines, I lost track; I have been waiting for the moment when our imaginations could be matched by the technology all around us. We have arrived.

Some of the team is right now talking to new partners to bring them into the Private Pre-Sale Phase of this Digital Utopia that 8M Game Developers and 1.7B Game Players are all searching for: The Silica neXus Project.

This is the first truly Cross-Platform / Cross-Reality based Virtual Universe (VU) combining diverse experiences from contextual based interfaces across all platforms. Cross Reality (XR) is the key to why this is so very different from anything you’ve ever seen.

I’m so excited about this, because it feels real now; it’s actually happening. This dream was formed in 2006 when I published the first edition of Silica Transition (back then it was called The Lords of Silica). This book covers everything we’re seeing right now with regard to the conversations about living in a real Matrix — spoken of by luminaries like Elon Musk, Ray Kurzweil and others. And it does so by pulling the reader into a strange world filled with magic called Silica.

When I created the story and began building out the universe, I didn’t write it like a small tale that was self contained as a science fiction novel; I wrote it like I was watching it on a screen. It was the movie I wanted to see, but knew that no one else was producing.

From the first chapter you are thrown into a very near future where games have become so real, the players can easily get lost in them, and can just as easily be fooled into believing that the game is reality.

Millions will Gather — It’s Time to Explore the Aetherrealms of the neXus

It’s easy to see that the technology of game design and development has arrived at a point where anything is possible. With the right brain-trust of talented people we can achieve anything we set our hearts to. So this massive endeavor can’t be accomplished by a few, many thousands of people will need to get involved. Help us build this.

So right now is a great time for anyone that wants to come along on this journey to get on board. We are in Pre-Sale mode right now and you can join us at

If you are more interested in exploring what we are building and maybe joining us on our fund page. You can find that here,