The Promise of Cross Reality (XR) & Blockchain

Silica neXus Token

I have been pondering the possibilities of virtual reality (#VR), augmented reality (#AR) and cross reality (#XR) for a very long time. My first VR game development project used the Wolfenstein engine by Id Software. I worked with a talented group of coders and designers like Robert Rice and this XR guy, Andrew Prell, to create a 4-player VR arcade game called Cybertag.

All of the design was done in Deluxe Paint III. :) This was 1994 and a 4-player arcade game with a VR headset was pretty advanced for its day. Andrew was always pushing the envelope of what technology could be integrated into an arcade experience, and as president of Alternate Worlds Technology, Inc.


(AWT) in Louisville, Kentucky, he led us as a company on the bleeding edge, as we developed the Xenomorph VR multiplayer arcade game where we integrated a free-floating controller, where you could see your hand in VR, and 3d sound with in-game team chat.

Of course our limits were much lower in those days. I believe we had maybe 512 x 512 pixels of texture available For The Whole Game, and 20,000 on-screen polygons. But, we were able to create a four-player immersive experience, that could be sold to location-based entertainment (LBE) venues at a reasonable price in 1995. And we did this in the span of about 8 months if memory serves, with a team of 8 people. I was lead designer on that project.

In 2014, Andrew and I reconnected because of the advances in VR technology and the new advances in AR. Cross reality (XR) was coined to cover the overarching concept where all devices can be integrated into a cross-reality experience. Cross platform; cell phones, tablets, consoles, PCs, arcade machines, location-based entertainment (LBE) and theme park attractions all intertwined — standard screen interfaces, virtual reality interfaces and augmented reality interfaces. This creates a context-sensitive experience that can be enjoyed by anyone, in any location, with any level of technology.

As the author of Silica Transition — my objective was to create a new game universe property that could be flexible enough to encompass all genres and styles in a single universe. The result of this collaboration is the company Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC, and the game project Silica neXus.

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We are tying our in-game objects and inventories to blockchain technology and our own token to maintain ownership rights and value throughout the Silica neXus universe of worlds and games. One account and many experiences will be maintained throughout, allowing us to ensure a diversification of interests and enjoyment across every platform. We are also opening up our game CORE to game developers from around the world so that we can fill up this universe with amazing content at pace with an ever exploding internet of things.

Convergence of 4 Dimensions LLC (“Convergence”) aka C4D, is creating the Digital Utopia that 8M Game Developers and 1.7B Game Players are all searching for: The Silica neXus Project. Silica neXus is the first truly Cross-Platform / Cross-Reality based Virtual Universe (VU) combining diverse experiences from contextual based interfaces across all platforms.