What would happen if everyone in the world suddenly stopped eating meat?
World Economic Forum

This work by 5-star scholarly institutions first made me say to myself, “Another ‘what if?’ storyline which actually could capture the attention and agreement/support for another 3–4 billion people.

Take the climate change revolution (in thinking and behavior) which only a few years ago was getting very little traction. It is now a ginormous, popular movement, and persons across the planet wishing to hold elected positions cannot ignore it any longer.

Take LGBT movement. Over the past 10 years (in the USA, anyway), this has become so widely recognized and supported, if only tacitly, it is NOT going away. Take the general consensus on war and conflict, tribalistic, national, religious, and otherwise. It is had to witness, but I feel Our President Obama has been exceedingly cautious in moving legions of warriors into civil wars in far away places. Thanks to your God, and my God, perhaps some of the archaic warmongers in the lands of desparate, sick and hungry people see some light at the end of the tunnel on this sad characteristic of humans.

The strife and suffering around the world IS lessening. Corruption in government IS lessening. This subject of luxurious meat consumption probably is lessening. Maybe the very straight-forward “movement” which legislates and enforces compulsory 85+% irrigation and nitrogen use efficiency on any plot > 3 acres will rise to become the next evolutionary trend.

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