When I was a small child I heard from a liberal school teacher grandma that if there was a bad Jew…
Brendan Hall

Except in movies such as Pi, X-Men, Bugsy, Casino, Passion of the Christ, The Godfather, The Spy who Loved Me and characters such as Fagin in Oliver Twist, Shylock in The Merchant of Venice and the junk dealer in The Phantom Menace (an alien, to be sure, but obviously based on a Jewish stereotype).

Then there’s the depiction of Mossad in Homeland, where they’re almost always sneaky, murderous traitors with their own agenda. And characters like Murry Levy in The Wire, who is another negative Jewish stereotype, and Tom Cruise’s character in Tropic Thunder, another negative Jewish stereotype. Or the central character in Wolf of Wall Street, another negative Jewish stereotype.

So, there are no Jewish villains in Hollywood, except for all the ones that there are.

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