Great podcast. It’s refreshing to listen to in-depth interviews in this age of soundbites.
Caio S. Rearte

Glad you enjoyed it, it was a very good talk.

  1. OK, but then why did George Crile refer to Gust as Charlie’s ‘handler’ in his book of this story, on which the film is based? Also, I wouldn’t believe a word that comes out of Snowden’s mouth.
  2. There’s a difference between the DOD and the CIA in this respect — the DOD basically won’t co-operate unless they are portrayed positively, the CIA are happier with negative portrayals, as long as they still seem like a necessary response to an irrational or chaotic or dangerous world.
  3. We do touch on music videos in the book, but it seems to be quite a small element of the DOD’s operations.
  4. Yes, Chase Brandon worked on the first Bourne film and even the latter two of the original trilogy contain footage of Langley that appears to have been filmed with CIA permission, hence must have got Agency approval.