Very interesting response.
Christian Guthier

“You seem to fall back on the usual “but Obama did this” mantra. Totally forgetting that it was… a Republican President who created an almighty mess in the Middle East in the first place.”

No, it wasn’t. The US has been involved in the Middle East for a lot longer than ‘since Bush II’.

Obama didn’t simply ‘stay put’, he expanded the War on Terror to several new countries.

‘…the biggest threat so far — ISIS’ — ISIS aren’t a threat to anyone except people in Syria. And the US either helped create ISIS or looked the other way while their allies created them. Hence why now they’re no longer getting masses of NATO/Gulf State support they’re falling apart.

‘ But just as things might be settling and ISIS is running out of steam… Trump comes along and stokes the flames of hatred again. It doesn’t help anybody. Just pleases the haters on both sides of the argument.’

Obama killed people while using moderate rhetoric. Trump uses extreme rhetoric. For some reason idiots think the latter is more worrying.

‘As for Hitler analogy — if you value democracy you always need to challenge the actions of our elected politicians. The Republicans had no problems challenging Obama every step of the way. So get over it: now it is the turn of Democrats to challenge Trump every step of the way. I wish it were different, but modern politics “it is what it is”.’

My problem is not with Democrats. It is with liberals and neolibtards who hate Trump so much they’d happily start WW3 or have the CIA overthrow the White House.

‘Oh, aside from that, what have neolibs got to do with this? That’s an economic model — supported by libertarians, not socialists. Nothing to do with muslims or the debate on how to treat other people.’

It is a lot more than an economic model.

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