Common Roadblocks in Every SEO Strategy

Whether you are manning your optimization strategies in house or have hired an SEO solutions provider, chances are that you have encountered a host of challenges. However, when you sit back and look at them objectively you will soon realize that none of these roadblocks are actually new ones. Most of them tend to be things that have been experienced in the past by us or by a colleague in the industry. Being aware of these roadblocks and anticipating them is most often, half the battle won.

• Expectations that are Mismanaged:

One of the most common problems that SEO services providers face with their clients is the lack of understanding with regards to what SEO is and the type of results one can expect when venturing into this program.

It is important to note the SEO represents a variety of things to different people and with so many different perceptions out there is no single definition or no standard way to approach it. This in turn results in a lot of confusion making it important for agencies to make sure that brands understand the offering and expected results.

How to Achieve this –

- While creating an SEO program, it is important that all past data is evaluated to determine the type of results that can be deemed realistic. While it is impossible to arrive on a precise figure, setting a tentative goal based on past performances can help manage expectations. If there is no history to go by, relying on lessons from other businesses in the same industry may help. Look for businesses with similar traffic patterns and budgets.

- Education at every level is equally critical. While the agency will most likely interact with the marketing manager the most, chances are that the brand follows a different reporting hierarchy. Make sure that every individual within the company is provided with the resources and explanations of every decision and outcome through the SEO program.

- Report everything that you deem important to your client. Many agencies tend to send out complicated reports and data that clients do not understand or do not care about. Agencies and brands need to work closely to make sure that the reports are in sync with the business goals.

• Resource Constraints:

It is important to note that a SEO program isn’t just concerned with a single department in a business. It involves investing in a web development team, content management team, a social media team as well as a lead generation team. The challenge here is that not all businesses have the resources to hire such teams in house. Existing staff is most likely already overworked and budgets do not allow new recruitment.

Before venturing into an SEO program, make it a point to understand your resource constraints. Sit with the agency and assess how both teams can sit together to make things work. Should the agency provide the web developer? Should all the content be developed in-house? Planning ahead of time can help you set better expectations and facilitate better resource planning for SEO success.

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