Creating a Strong Platform for Local SEO in the New Year

The year is almost over and it is time to work on designing effective strategies for the coming year. 2014 taught SEO Agencies Leeds, the hard way, the importance of local SEO. With Google Places and Citations weighing heavily on your rankings, it was found that on-site signals and links acted as the most powerful factors in local optimization.

If you are looking for local success in the coming year, here are a few things you need to consider for your SEO Leeds strategy –

• Making your Website better:

Instead of coming with new tactics to fool Google, spend the same time and resources to make your website better. Spend time reviewing your website and then take a look at a few websites of your competitors. What is it that they are doing better than you? Here are a few pitfalls that you should avoid actively –

• Having No Content on your Home Page:

Remember that customers and also search engines need to know more about you to be able to trust you. If your home page is filled with a banner or a flash video and a few irrelevant sentences you are significantly jeopardizing your local SEO goals. Make sure you add useful content here that makes your page more crawl-able.

• Including only a Few Sentences on Each Page:

Search engines and users are looking for websites with useful and relevant information. Instead of wasting an entire page to simply say “We Offer ABC, Call us for More Information!”, make sure you are providing information that your shoppers are looking for. It is important that you pack every page up with content that is useful.

• Keyword Spamming:

A surprisingly large number of websites continue to rely on this rather obsolete tactic. Remember that just because you listed your offering with 100s of cities in your state separated with a comma all over your homepage doesn’t mean that you will rank well. The point is, the hug list of cities does not offer any valuable information to your potential and existing clients. Neither does it help in gaining a good rank on SERPs. Get rid of all the spam content and make sure your website is relevant and informative at all times.

• Using Bad Title Tags:

Remember that you have about 500 pixels of width to fit in your title tags. All the extra content will simply be truncated on a search result page. Make sure that the title tag is able to efficiently summarize the page and shouldn’t be spammed with keywords that you intend to get ranked for. A simple trick is to use your primary keyword phrase in the beginning of the title tag and end it with the name of your business.

Finally, do not forget efficient local optimization. Include your City or state in the title tag, in the H1 heading, content, alt text on images and also on your URL. All this will help you achieve your local SEO goals in an efficient way.

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