Digital Marketing Tricks to Help Boost Sales in Christmas

Over the past few years, consumers have started correlated the official start of the festive shopping season with the launch of Christmas advertisements by big brands. An industry expert suggested that about 35% of the retailers in the UK intend to increase their overall digital marketing and advertising spends with an aim to boost sales during the holiday season. Surveys reveal that 32% of the country’s retailers intend to launch new digital marketing initiatives at the cusp of the holiday seasons.

However, what about those businesses that cannot afford large holiday budgets? If you are a start-up or an SME in UK here is what your Digital Marketing Bangalore team can do for you to improve holiday sales –

• Sign up with Google Shopping:

Ask your digital marketing Mumbai or Bangalore agency to utilize a part of your Christmas marketing budget to invest in product listing ads. This is the ad format that is used for Google Shopping. If you are trying this feature out for the very first time, this listing acts as an engaging platform through which you will be able to advertise your products and improve the chances of driving high quality traffic to your online store. This platform allows you to be as creative as you like and retailers of all sizes are able to compete directly with the larger brands. This tool proves to be an ideal way in which you can gain that edge in your sales during the holiday season.

• Getting the Festive Spirits High on Pinterest:
Statistics show that buyers that are referred by Pinterest are 10% more likely to make the purchase when compared to visitors browsing your offering through other social media platforms. Setting up your own Pinterest account and board with Christmas gift guides can be a fruitful consideration worth making. Break down your guides by budget, gender and age. Make use of some of your marketing budget on a festive photo shoot that showcase your offerings in a more festive setting. Go through some other product rich pins that may be available through businesses accounts. This will help you improve your conversions.

• Strategically Planning your Social Media:
Leverage the spirit of the festive season to improve your following on social media platforms. This will in turn help drive traffic to your online store. Consider tactics such as running a “12 Days of Christmas” Giveaway on Twitter or promoting seasonal products through Facebook. Make a note of your social following before and after each campaign to monitor success and assess what works well for your brand. Track posts that received most likes and shares. This critical data can be handy when planning Christmas campaigns for the following year.

Finally, one of the biggest concerns online shoppers have when holiday buying is that their purchases will not be delivered by Christmas day. With the help of social pages and email make sure you provide realistic delivery updates to keep frustration levels at bay and make sure your customers are always happy.

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