Successful Mobile PPC for Dummies

With the mobile environment becoming increasingly important to your internet marketing strategy, there are no surprises that mobile Pay Per Click Management is the hot topic of the hour. If you haven’t already jumped onto the mobile PPC bandwagon, the following statistics will surely change your mind –

What the Experts Say:

• Leading software companies believe that within the next one year, mobile would account for 50% of all paid search clicks.
• Statistics show that 73% of all mobile searches eventually triggered some form of follow up from the users.
• 28% of the searches ended up in conclusive conversions.

Understanding how People are Searching:

To be able to truly leverage the power of Pay Per Click advertising on mobile, it is important to have an understanding of how people are search and what it is that they are looking for on their phones. With this information, marketers are able to leverage the overall context in which they are advertising and place relevant marketing communication messages.

Basic mobile search behaviors include –

• Information Research — Where consumers are looking for information such as directions to a store, contact information, list of eateries in the area, etc.

• Buying Items — More and more consumers are shopping right from their mobile devices. Some of the most impulsive purchases such as that of apparel and house ware tends to convert best on mobile.

• Multi-Screening — Consumers today are using multiple screens at the same time. For instance, making online searches while watching TV or using the phone when also surfing the net on a desktop.

• Searching Now, Buying Later — Some statistics show that many consumers will initiate a search on mobile phones but make the eventual purchase via a PC. Studies show that 77% of products or services that are searched on phones get converted through alternative channels.

Creating the Perfect Ad Copy:

1. While creating ads on Adwords, make sure that you first opt into mobile. Since you don’t have to have mobile preferred ads to display o your smart phone devices, choosing this helps better optimize your content for different screens and various users, hereby providing an enhanced user experience.
2. Furthermore, also make sure that your copy includes wording that is mobile-specific. This helps in adding credibility to your business and lets users know that they can expect a positive mobile experience on your website.

3. Make sure your copy is able to highlight a sense of urgency. Use terms such as “Buy Now” “Shop Now” “Call Today”, etc. And finally, do not forget to put your mobile ads to test. One can experience significant improvements in click through rates by changing around words.

While venturing into mobile PPC, make sure you also take into account mobile ad extensions such as site links, location extensions, call extensions and seller ratings. Optimize your mobile landing pages by being brief and legible, have a page that loads quickly and factor in elements that adds to the positive user experience you have been promising your potential audience members.

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