Newer System

Newer System

We would start by rebuilding what is broken. We would start by setting up a completely new Capitol in a city not called Washington D.C. Somewhere in the Midwest; far from vulnerable coastlines. I would propose St Louis, Missouri. If there is a more symbolic place to start, as Lindbergh did with his aerial trip across the world, or Luis & Clark did with their exploration of the West — I would like to hear it. Location aside, let’s look at the blueprint.

So who is good at organizing? When the Capitalist system of inequality, tax preferences, cronyism, and Rand-ideology fails, like it absolutely will, because it has failure built right into it’s DNA; who will take the reigns? Who elects who? Would there be a party system at all? Would there even be elections???

These are very serious questions we have to start asking ourselves right Now! Rolling back the clock, or electing someone with a “Liberal” or “Independent” or “Socialist” title with their name is nothing more than a band-aid on a powerhouse, back-door, elitist juggernaut that we have come to know as The American Empire. A simple affiliation with existing parties, no matter the sincere intent behind it/them, is nowhere near enough. Nowhere near sufficient. Nowhere near practical.

So what is the “un-norm”? What replaces a Democracy? Well, DEMOCRACY! But a Direct-Democracy. Read any textbook in any university and it will inform you, the reader, that the Electoral College was created in an attempt to prevent “mob rule”. It essentially makes it so, no matter what The People, everyone, wants in their country and communities, can be “overruled” by the lawmakers at the top of the political food chain. Never before has a Direct-Democracy occurred in an advanced civilization and I would add that never before has one ever been so desperately needed.

Proposing that every letter written in a bill, written by community activists, that would go to a political body that is nothing more than a “congress” (group of people) who would pass said bill, with the only role of those congresspeople being the assurance that the bill introduced by those community activists was, in fact, the majority opinion of the participants in that community, is an idea so far-fetched that it could not possibly be accomplished. But that is precisely what would have to happen to create a community-driven system of equality, diversity, prosperity and overall peace.

The will, resources, & “spark” that would initiate such a movement/revolution is something to be discussed/theorized in another arena. I am not addressing possible specifics here. Who, where, why and how this process comes into being, materializes, motivates change, is not the issue we need focus on. The fact that it can happen, will happen, and must happen is what’s relevant.

The debt, the joblessness, the hunger, the homelessness, the destitution would be squashed by the action of the participants in the movement who wish (and most do) to end such suffrage. An emphasis would be put on participation, mutual discussion, and collaboration. No one would hold a title. No one would have the authority to overrule the other and the participants in each community would bring about a negotiated agreement on who their representative would be to propose their mutually agreed upon bill to law-makers (who, again, have no other purpose than to confirm that the bill being proposed by a specific community is, in fact, the will of said community), and once confirmation is established by the law-maker, and it (the bill) is found to be within the boundaries of moral law, it will become law.

The law-makers themselves are not elected. They will hold no title. They would have no party. It wouldn’t even be a paid job! Their role (a place in society) would be to voluntarily meet and discuss initiatives put forward by communities for the integrity-based intent to better the community which they (the law-makers) are a part of and must live in.

This is the way which the process should look like. No more, no less. Thank you for reading.