Think About This…

We are being spied on. Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or a dubious user of the internet: you are being spied on. You, the person reading this, are being spied on, right now. When we are on our laptops, when we are on our tablets, when we are near our Alexa home devices, when we are in front of our TV’s, when we are on our phones….when we are away from our phones.

We have become the target. Every citizen in the developed world has become a “person of interest”. Regardless of history or criminal record, people of power have taken an interest in YOU.

Why is this? How does this make you feel? Violated? Outraged? Scared? Indifferent?

To answer the first question: you, me, We are being spied on because we are the threat. We are the threat to a global power, of old families, of money-interests, of shady lawmakers, & of people who chose to rather not be in the public eye. We are the 99%, those who wish to live peaceful, private, joyful lives. We don’t create war. We don’t indebt nations. We don’t ignore morality or consequence. The corrupt figures at the top want to know everything about us, because if We ever had too big of an influence on the happenings in this country, Our world, that would quite destabilize not the system ITSELF, you see, but simply the people who are in power, have been in power, & want to stay there as long as humanly possible.

Your reaction says a lot about you. It says a lot about humanity. It says a lot about the future. It says a lot about who We are.

Do We have a choice? Is there another way?

Aside from near Luddite-ism (that is, rejecting technology), there is hardly another way to approach it right now. Many measures can be taken to remain private & secure on the Internet, but when We let our guard down, they will be there. Waiting for the curtains to be opened once again.

I am not saying all of this to scare you but to merely make a point: THEY are there. THIS is true. Willful ignorance to the contrary is nothing than that; ignorance!

Be careful. Be safe. Protect yourself. And if you get the chance to, or can do so comfortably, take a break from the Internet. Experience real freedom for once in a long while. And have the peace of mind that no one, right now, is watching.