Does e-cigarette a business gimmick or a practical effect ?

smoking is harm too huam body, while quit smoking also a big trouble, what should we do to imporve this condition is to chnage you vaping style, no doubot, e-cigarette is not only less harm to human body, but also can help to quit smoking!

Electronic cigarette to quit smoking process
began to smoke cigarettes that day to stop smoking, electronic cigarette oil for the 3mg nicotine content (had tried 9mg smoke once, nausea and retching), smoking cigarettes during the no quit smoking discomfort (“inhalation”). 
The first three months: the third week to try smoking cigarettes, only adhere to the three, feeling difficult to smoke and no pleasure; the first three months: the smoke to 3mg +0mg nicotine content of smoke mixed (equivalent to 1.5mg) ; 
The first four months: the smoke oil all replaced by 0mg nicotine content; 
the first 5 months: try to smoke 3mg nicotine content of smoke oil feel throat discomfort, nicotine goodbye; 
6 months: completely stop smoking electronic cigarette, so far no desire.

so, choose a best vaping tool is a wiser choice, it si important!
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