Review of Joyetech Atopack Penguin 50W Kit

When it comes to interesting vape devices that you’ll likely not see anywhere, Joyetech is of the most experimental of all Vape brands out there. A perfect example is this ATOPACK PEUNGUIN.

Joyetech ATOPACK PENGUIN is the type of devices that I am happy exists. It is cute, creative, and affordable. This product has been reminding people that in our modern innovation time, Vaping devices can be a delightful daily object as much as they are functional electronic products.

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Size: 26.5mm*52.0mm*102.5mm

Weight: 139.5g

Cartridge capacity: 8.8ml

Battery capacity: 2000mAh

Max charging current: 2A

Colors: white, silver, black, red, blue

Output mode: direct output


1 x Penguin battery

1 x ATOPACK cartridge

1 x ATOPACK coil (JVIC1 0.6ohm)

1 x ATOPACK coil (JVIC2 0.25ohm)

1 x QC USB cable

1 x Quick start

1 x Warranty card

1 x Warning card

Spare parts

The box is made of sturdy cardboard. Comparing to the product itself, there is nothing really special about this two-piece container. At the end of the day, that box is just going to end up in a closet anyway. Inside, you get a ATOPACK PENGUIN battery, a ATOPACK cartridge, a 0.6ohm coil head, a 0.25ohm coil head, a USB cable, a Quick start paper, a warranty card and other spare parts.

In terms of colors. ATOPACK PENGUIN have black, white, silver, red and blue. All five of those colors look gorgeous, though not all markets will necessarily get them all. The white one I like best simply because it has a playful juxtaposition of white and black “penguin” accents all over.

The build and matt finish of this device are nothing short of excellent. The cartridge was made mainly from PETG and silicon, which are more practical than premium because they performed outstanding in heat resistant section.

The body of the ATOPACK PENGUIN is built with Zinc-alloy. It is flat and sanded smooth along the edge, which contributes to some light-bending effects and provides a certain amount of finger smudge resistance. The matt finish feels nice to the touch and gives the device a near-premium feel.

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ATOPACK PENGUIN measures 26.5 x 52 x 102.5mm and weighs 139.5g, which is quite light for easier single-handed use. Also, the size and weight are passable considering its battery capacity.

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At the side of the device, it houses a fire button. It is well-proportioned and reasonable sited, deferring to structure compact principle while improving the operating experience. Just like most of the Cartridge Actuated Devices, there is NO +/- button or OLED screen on ATOPACK PENGUIN and this could be quite limited in availability.

Joyetech creatively developed a JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) system to enhance the Cloudage performance and flavor recreation. To be honest, I don’t see how this U-shaped tunnel design could have a larger impact on Vapor or flavor production. But personally, I think it is a welcome move to mitigate popping and spitting.

When your e-cigarette’s atomizer is popping, and spitting, it can make the experience of vaping thoroughly unpleasant and you may actually burn your tongue. Therefore, you’re going to miss out on a lot of flavor enjoyment. Thankfully, JVIC is adequately set up to separate the process of air inlet, oil wicking and vapor expelling. It allows cool air to flow smoothly through a more circuitous ‘U’ passage, not to be expelled too early before it gets a complete cooling, thereby it also improves the performance, stability, and longevity of it PETG and silicon components.

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The ATOPACK PENGUIN has a decent 2000mAh battery and is compliant with regular USB cables. Charging on the PENGUIN is very fast with the help of the new equalizing charge system which supports quick charge capability — max charging current up to 2.0A.

There are five indicator lights to show the battery level. Not innovative though, it provides a much more accurate reading and better safety. In our experience, ATOPACK PENGUIN managed to charge from 0% (or as close as it would go before shutting down) to around 80% (with three indicator lights displayed) in just 20 minutes without excessive heating caused.

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In terms of Juice capacity, ATOPACK PENGUIN does not disappoint, either. It features a large 8.8ml juice capacity, which should be more than enough in most cases. It sustains 3 day of medium to heavy usage.

Last but not least, thanks to the JVIC system again, I have not experienced any leakage thus far, it’s been a bone-dry experience. The bottom fill is a breeze and the coils were easy to replace. Besides, ATOPACK PENGUIN packs two versions of Coils — 0.6ohm for MTL and 0.25ohm for DTL.

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Overall, we appreciate the stylish design of ATOPACK PENGUIN and its innovative JVIC system. If you’re just getting into Vaping now and want to have a sleek-looking entry-level device, don’t think twice about picking up this Joyetech product. The fast charging, sufficient battery capacity, and huge 8.8ml juice reservoir are useful additions every starter kits should have.

However, the absence of OLED screen as well as a functional chipset is nothing we’d sign up for in this thriving market. If you’re thinking about a device with various advanced modes and personalized settings, you might want to hold off just a more

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