Share the top ten questions that smokers and smokers are most concerned about!

First, is smoking harmful to health?

- sure yes. Tobacco smoke(SMOK Priv V8 Kit), there are we are familiar with a variety of notorious lethal substances, free radicals, heavy metals, tar, carbon monoxide … … bronchial carcinoma, lung cancer, emphysema, obstructive pulmonary disease, cardiovascular disease these fatal diseases are almost all Is caused by smoking, of course, now more haze. 17% of carbon monoxide poisoning died due to smoking, and 10% of stroke deaths due to smoking

Second, cigarettes, the fatal harm comes from nicotine(limitless box mod 200w)?

- I’m afraid most people will say yes. So wrong! Completely wrong, in the cause of death of cigarettes, not the same is caused by nicotine.

Thirdly, why do people blame nicotine for the dangers of smoking?

- first because nicotine is the active ingredient of cigarettes(Eleaf istick Pico), people take tobacco, just to get nicotine. The role of nicotine is addictive, nicotine addiction is defined by WHO as a psychotic lifestyle disease, in fact, that is white drug addiction friends. I try to explain it with words: nicotine directly on the nerves, replacing the brain to manage their own changes in the status of neurotransmitter substances, in fact, there is normal activity of nicotine, lack of nicotine when the decline in mental activity. Is equal to hijacking the brain is responsible for this part of the function of the nerve, once the nicotine was metabolized, the brain told people that it is nicotine

Fourth, smokers know that smokers die from smoke?

- there are two cases, one is to know; the other is to know, do not know. So, yes, all know.

Fifth, there are people who smoke, want to quit smoking?

- as long as they admit that they are addicted to people, are tried to quit people, did not quit, only to know that they have been infected with the addiction. So, yes, every smoking person, no matter how big, has the desire to quit smoking.

Sixth, said, “I am not addicted, want to quit at any time can quit, tomorrow can not smoke, and now pumping because I want to smoke,” so, interesting?

- Do not say that others do not believe, they all know that this sentence is their own deceived themselves, just to find their own reasons to continue to breathe. Know that is not good, but also at any time ring, then why do not you now quit? In fact, the reason for saying this is because it can not quit.

Seventh, quit smoking?

- There are no people who do not want to quit smoking in this world. In the wrong way, quit smoking is hard. According to various research reports statistics, relying on their own willpower to successfully quit smoking, accounting for all have tried to quit people — attention is to try — 0.6% -1.5%. Can be said that none Of course, this is the United Kingdom in 2015 a medical report of the statistics, the sampling scale is not large, the British so point, welcome questioned. As for the letter does not believe Well, anyway, I believe it.

Eighth, why is the reason for the failure of smoking cessation?

- withdrawal reaction is the biggest reason for the failure of smoking cessation, in addition to the physical, there are heart addiction, even if your body because of a few months do not smoke forget nicotine, but your memory still remember, and mistaken that you can smoke Relieve stress, active thinking. The most painful period is that nicotine is gone, and the brain’s own management of the function of neurotransmitters has not been restored, people have generated irritability, irritability, loss of control, memory loss and other emotions. This time may be maintained for 3 months to give the brain enough time to repair their own function.

Ninth, have a valid way to stop smoking?

- not only have, and there are two, one is Aaron Karl’s easy to quit smoking law, this I understand the more shallow, my understanding is probably the right theory to arm themselves, frankly, calm analysis, understand that tobacco can not give We are happy, only kidnapped our body, the process of smoking cessation is actually to regain control of their own body, regain the process of freedom.

Tenth, what kind of smoking cessation program is better?

- can be easy to quit smoking and electronic cigarettes together, so that the two complement each other, in terms of electronic cigarettes to provide more in line with the habits of smokers, safe, convenient enough, low cost of the product, easy to quit smoking more painful, the Will be more perfect way to quit smoking.

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