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7 Questions Answered About Water Purifiers | Aqua Filter Warehouse

Three things that play a major role in human existence are Food Water And Air. But in the last decade, all three of them have been polluted and the numbers are growing. On every news channel, once a month, you will come across the news like “ 13 People Died Due To Contaminated Water”. This is a major concern in the united nations as well and still, millions of people are either suffering or dying hazardous deaths.

Luckily, with technological advancements, there is a way to save yourself from the danger of waterborne disease. And the solution is Water Purifiers also known as a chlorine water filter, RO system and so on. We at Aqua Filter Warehouse has combined a series of Q&A for you to gain a better understanding of these water purification systems.

A: Water purifiers are devices which is capable of removing impurities and other selected elements like lead, e-coli and fluoride out of the water. One can find these machines in a variety of shapes and sizes around the stores and homes. The crucial part is deciding on choosing which one you need and what are your requirements. Whether you need a chlorine water filter or a Reverse Osmosis System, we at Aqua Filter Warehouse have it all.

A: Anyone or Everyone. In recent times the pollutants are easily able to enter the water. And if you are the one who is worried about the condition of their water supply, you are advised to install a water purifier in your home. You can also contact your water regulatory and get a report about the water quality and what is in your water. The water water regulatory will share a list of contaminants but also minerals and other commonly occurring ingredients. The town or city water regulatory must keep the level of the water up to the safe mark as per the regulations set by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency). But we all cannot be sure about the quality of the water since several contaminants are present in the environment today making our water sources much more vulnerable to danger.

A: One can find numerous water purifiers in different ranges. You can find a simple pitcher that has a water filter in it. And you can also come across a whole-house system that is located in the utility room, hot press, or under the kitchen sink. One can get a purifier that fits onto your kitchen tap if you are concerned about your water used for drinking or preparing food. Other purifiers act like shower filters which are installed in the bathroom to keep your shower and bath water clean. If you are facing issues like dry skin and more often your clothes are getting shabby, you can install a water softener for limescale removal. If you are not planning to invest in a whole-house system, installing a small water purifier generally is a cost-effective and better choice.

A: It depends all on you. A water purifier range between 30 to 45 euro if you are planning to install a small pitcher. If you are looking for a whole house water purifier, it might range up to 1000 euro. Make sure when you are installing an expensive purification system, do ask the maintenance and installation charges. You can ask for the estimates and also how many gallons of water will cost you if you buy a certain system.

A: Installing a water purifier is a blessing. It makes your water softer, tastes better, and makes you healthier. Installing a water purifier is the smartest investment you can make for yourself and your family. The advantage of installing entire house water purifiers can eliminate chemicals and additional pollutants that can damage your pipes.

A: No, not necessarily. In October 2019 for example, brands of bottled water sold in the largest shops in Ireland have been found to be contaminated with e-coli. Some companies create these bottled water with the help of municipal water systems. You must be aware of how safe that is going to be for your health! One fact states that not every bottled water is regulated by the EPA. And it might affect your health now, but it surely will bring health issues at a later stage of life. And if we talk about the price, bottled water is becoming expensive every year. So, installing a water purifier is your best option.

A: If you want to do your research on water purifiers, the internet is full of it. But if you need specific information on different kinds of water purifiers and its parts, you can click this link

Originally published at on October 20, 2019.

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