But the reality of our current situation is that many countries have reached smartphone saturation. And, as such, many of those users now already have their go-to social networks. They’re the ones we all know.
Niche Networks
M.G. Siegler

Although this statement could be true, IMO the main reason social networks haven’t taken off is a lack of initial utility for an individual user. Too many social networks rely on the “if my product reaches critical mass” line for applications that don’t have a strong enough first player tool to have users returning long enough to establish enough traction to spin the flywheel. As @chrisdixon once said, users will come for the tool and stay for the network. For the networks you named, we came name all of the use utilities.

However, I do also think the platforms/mediums are limiting the utilities that can be built which is why we’re seeing VR/AR etc.

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