How To Get Over Feeling Bad When You Screw Up
Deb Knobelman, PhD

There is a new way to much more quickly resolve disruptive emotions like this. There is a distinction between the content and the energy of emotions. The new method of resolving the emotions focuses on the energy rather than the content. It is amazingly more effective and can resolve emotional reactions such as this in a few minutes. The Techniques are called the Pure Awareness Techniques and they are available in a free app called Awaken Your Inner Greatness. It’s available here -

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The app allows you to guide yourself through the audio instructions for doing these remarkable experiential techniques at your own pace. You will be amazed at how quickly and thoroughly the bring you back to a state of emotional balance. Once you resolve the emotional “charge” you can then see the insights that you need (if indeed you need any) much more clearly than when your awareness is clouded by the energy pattern of the emotional reaction. Try it. You’ll love it.