What To Do With Kief From The Best Kief Machine

The best kief machine will give you high-grade kief which is nothing but cannabis in high concentration. In technical terms, kief is what you call trichomes from the marijuana plant. A fully grown and mature cannabis plant will have plant resin near the bud. These resins look frosty and are completely concentrated with high levels of terpenes and cannabinoids.

The lightheaded feeling you get from smoking cannabis comes from the kief. So when you use kief only it gives you that experience but in a straightforward way. Accumulate the kief and you will need the best kief machine to collect it from your grow.

How To Collect Kief With The Best Kief Machine

The absolute easiest way to collect kief is by using the best kief machine. But before we talk about it, here is light on the other two ways traditional used to collect kef.

1. Using An Herb Grinder — A typical grinder has three chambers. You put the flower in the first chamber and when you grind it, some falls in the second chamber which have a mesh screen to catch the kief falling into the third chamber. Freeze your flowers to get the best grind.

2. Using A Soft Box — This has a wooden frame with a mesh screen. You put your flowers on the screen and then shake the box to allow the kief to fall through this mesh. It is labor intensive if you have massive amounts of flowers to grind.

3. The Best Kief Machine — Has to be a Kief tumbler like Tom’s Tumble Trimmer. This is better than a soft box because it is an automatic machine. Besides, it will gently tumble your flowers so the kief falls through the mesh but your flowers are not damaged by the process at all.

What To Do With Kief?

When you have ample amount of kief accumulated, there is much you can do with it. The kief still requires the heat eliminate to activate the main THC component of the cannabis plant. Whatever you do, don’t use it as it is. You will need to sprinkle it over your joint to enhance the experience. You can further concentrate the kief to develop hash out of it. You can say that kief is another version of hash, however, it is a raw version.