Novel Concept #1 — Plot & World Building Idea Smash

Let’s do a simple exercise to come up with an original “world” idea for my NaNoWriMo concept.

What if I combine x with y.

For example, what if I combined ancient rome with Space opera (Golden Son).

Or; what if I combine greek gods with modern world (Percy series).

No ideas recorded here are bad, even the bad ones.. Okay, let’s write whatever comes to mind.

What if I combine merchant ships with ocean magic

What if I combine pirate treasure with vengeance + redemption

What if I combine modern day treasure hunting with portal to alternate universe.

What if I combine a message in a bottle with a coming of age story.

What if I combine training to be a knight with communist uprising.

What if I combine most boring man in the world with an exciting adventure.

What if I combine lottery winner with slow destruction of values.

What if I combine steampunk magical rock craftsmen apprentice with overthrowing an empire.

What if I combine earth lacking fossil fuels with control of solar power held by one corporation. Idea expansion:

  • Oil completely drilled out, remnants left are banned from use on penalty of death due to “saving the environment”.
  • Underground movement use fuel based machinery/weapons and seek to overthrow solar corps.
  • Power is based on solar panels. One corporation runs all panels in space & large swathes of land.
  • Dictator now runs the mega corporation, no countries/rules except the corps.
  • People live in dark ages who don’t have agreement or can’t pay. Solar panels are used to create a caste system of elite and down-trodden.
  • Elite class only seek to move off-world as this Earth is damaged, and use power/hoard it to achieve this goal.

What if I combine post-apocalyptic world with a new world called “Musaga” [Make United States Great Again — Trump] … Idea expansion:

  • They had “The Web” (no internet exists now, majority of infrastructure is destroyed)
  • The Drumpfers (America) defeated the North-Core Army (North Korea)
  • Underworld Currency: printed books
  • Treasure found: main character finds vault of books

What if I combine weakling court scribe with vendetta quest for vengeance.


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