Agera Energy Put In Charge of Cambridge, MA’s Energy Supply

The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts recently signed an 18-month contract with Agera Energy to put them in charge of the city’s energy supply.

Before being with Agera, Cambridge businesses and residents had to be enrolled with Eversource Basic Source. They now have to be part of the Cambridge Community Electricity program that was created due to the new contract with Agera Energy. This program should enable the city of Cambridge to get a better price for its electricity.

This new program with Agera will also provide a quarter more of solar energy than what the state of Massachusetts solar energy minimum.

For two years, the prices for the new program will be fized. The Cambridge customers, who stay with the old program, will have prices that will not stabilize. The new program will try to provide savings that higher than the old program.

Cambridge businesses and businesses, who are part of the old Eversource program, will be automatically moved to the new program and they will get the Standard Graen option. This option will be priced at 10.486 cents/kWh. This is the option where the customers will get more solar energy than most people in the state. This improvement in solar energy is due to renewable projects that are in or close to Cambridge.

Another option in the new program will be called 100% Green. This will provide residents and business with energy that comes from projects all over New England. Under this option, the price will be 12.180 cents/KWh.

These programs give the residents of Cambridge more options in trying to save more energy and becoming more green.