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Nobody could look at the CV/resume for Maarten de Jeu and not be impressed. He got an MBA from University of Oxdord, one of the best universities on the planet. He graduated first in his first. He started a company in 2012 called SVM Business Advisory where he advises Fortune 500 executives in the insurance and financial sectors.

With his CV, he certainly could tell the owner of a business could expand internationally.

Like the famous icons named Will Rogers or Oscar Wilde, de Jeu believes that the first impression that a person gives is vert important. A potential international owner will give a good first impression if he or she knows the local language and culture. Learning the local language would especially impress the locals. Even if a person has trouble learning new languages, they should give it a chance. In Thailand, Thais are impressed even if a person knows a little bit of the language so a person should learn the local language even if they think that it is too challenging.

Maarten de Jeu believes a potential international owner should make it clear to the local people that they are making long-term commitment. The amount of money that the business owner that they bring with them would show that they are committed to stay in the new country. The locals would also be impressed that the owner does not disappear at firs sign of trouble. If the owner leaves the country after losing a little bit of money or facing some adversity, the natives would not be impressed. Staying no matter what is what would impress the locals as well as your financial commitment.

One of the things that potential international owners should watch is whether their product is suitable for the local population. For example, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, a game show that used to be popular in the most of the world, was not popular in Japan. It was not popular in Japanese because local Japanese game shows are not about winning money. They are about humiliation. The game show would have only worked in Japane if the audience was throwing stuff at the host and the contestant as they answered questions. Who Wants To be Millionaire worked for Western audiences, but it did not work for the Japanese because they have a different view of what makes a good game show.

No matter what country a business owner should decide to acquire a company, they should have a business plan. The locals should know that the owner has a direction when he or she comes to the direction and it shows that the owner is serious about investing in the country.

When the owner does make a business plan for the new country, he or she should make sure that it should show where the buyers are, how to plan the new branch in the new country, how to hire the natives, how to find the raw materials for the product that the owner is manufacturing and what is suitable for the local business practices. Without these things, the global business owner’s business plan will fail.

Maarten de Jeu has the experience and the CV to prove that he knows what a business owner should do to start a new business in another country.

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